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The Good Daddy Deception

A good father is important not only to his biological children, adopted children, his job, society, but primarily his wife. The woes of not having a good father run deep. But for the sake of this article we will be touching on a deception that has gained traction on social media and has become the norm but when I was growing up these things were not so. As I grow in an understanding of what God says about the family I've come to understand this: God, Christ, Man, Woman, Children. God created a vehicle for children to come into life on earth, that vehicle is called marriage. When a marriage is established the man and woman make a covenant under God that they will be bound together for life.

This shows a remarkable picture of the harmony between a man and a woman working as one, both fulfilling their god ordained roles in life. Dating or living together in the same place is not the same. HEREIN LIES IS THE DECEPTION!

In today's culture the standard has changed. Unfortunately, we have a lot of parents that are not married to each other raising their children. (Note: I am referring to unmarried folk.) To add insult to injury it has become glorified and some cases numbing in society. It's troubling to see the exaltation of mothers and fathers disassociated from the confines of marriage. (Husbands and Wives) Often when you browse social media you may see a father doing his daughter's hair in the bathroom mirror singing songs. But something is missing... Where is the mother? Where is the family? Sometimes these pictures come with a hashtag or caption that acknowledges how awesome the father is. Fathers are awesome, no disputing that but the deception is that it's okay to be a father WITHOUT being a husband first. This is not okay and it's out of order. God's order is that the man and woman must be married, become one. The children have the blessing to see their creators in harmony together. I hope culture hasn't forgotten this and developed the attitude of neglecting commitment and responsibility. In my view, you need to be a husband first and then be promoted to a father. Sadly, some men berate their child's mother and vice versa which paints a picture of disunity. It's a bad look. There need's to be a establishment of God's order and it need to start in the home the way God organized it.

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