The Father's Table Podcast is a show dedicated to showing the importance of having a father in one's life. These interviews are non-scripted, raw, and real. The people interviewed are everyday folks like you and me. Some people happen to be teachers, retired professionals, pastors, entrepreneurs, agents, community workers, activists, Christians, atheists, Muslims, Catholic, Hindu, you name it! If it's they're not here, we hope they will be some day. The Table is a place where we can reflect on our upbringings and how our fathers contributed to that. We hope reflecting on our past can give us a better vision for the future. Everyone has a mother and a father, unfortunately not everyone has gotten to know them. Here at the Father's Table we discuss our fathers or father figures and how they shaped our lives. We do this in order to give hope and encouragement for men and women. We do this so hearts will be changed and the view of The Father is highly exalted and honored.